420 Weekend at Sierra Well

Celebrate 420 Weekend with Sierra Well

We're starting deals early on Friday 4/19/19, rolling out the
green carpet for everyone with a big event on Saturday 4/20/19,
and keeping the deals going on Sunday 4/21/19.

Brand Pop-Ups on 4/20/19

Your favorite brands will be here to meet you, teach you
about their products, give away free swag, offer coupons
and raffle prizes from 12pm until sundown:

Reno Pop-Ups
Cannavative - W Vapes - Bloom Farms
Evergreen Organix - BaM - City Trees - Binske
Select - HSH - AiroPro - Taproots
RSO Go/Jackpot - Cannapunch
Highly Edible

Carson Pop-Up

$20 Deals and 20% Off 14 Leading Brands

We'll be offering the following amazing $20 deals all weekend
starting on Friday through the end of business on Sunday,
while supplies last, limit 4 $20 deals per customer per transaction:

Shango $20 Deals:
1g of Cheesecake Badder
1g of Grease Monkey Shatter
1g of SLV OG Shatter
1g of XJ-13 Crumble
1g of Yoda Crumble
Eighth of Orange Cookies Flower
Eighth of Sweet Lime Slice Flower

Select $20 Deals:
Two 0.3g Weekender Disposables
(OG Chem, Royal Haze, Sour Dawg)
0.5g Flavored Elite Cart
(Dragon Fruit, Banana, Peppermint)
(Dragon Fruit available morning of 4/20 only)

Sierra Well $20 Deal:
$7 House Pre-rolls - 4 for $20

Evergreen Organix $20 Deal:
Two 100mg Cereal Treats

BaM $20 Deal:
Two Pack of Chewies
(Watermelon & Blue Raspberry)

HSH $20 Deal:
1g of Live Resin Sugar
(Super Lemon Haze/Sour Diesel)
(available morning of 4/20 only)

Dixie $20 Deal:
Synergy Relief Balm

MPX $20 Deal:
Eighth of Sourdawg Flower

20% Off These Leading Brands on 4/20/19
W Vapes
Bloom Farms
City Trees
Highly Edible
Nordic Goddess

Keep Out of Reach of Children. For Use Only by Adults 21 Years of Age and Older.

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